Using Cannabis to Reduce Symptoms of Psychosis

Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular consumer product. From oils to gummies, cannabis is being used for ailments, aches and pains, and as energy boosters. Some even claim that it’s a natural solution for mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Here’s what your local cannabis dispensary in Deerfield, IL, wants you to know about the healing properties of cannabidiol.

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Hemp vs. Marijuana

Marijuana and hemp are slightly different. Though for decades the two terms have been used interchangeably, there are a few differences between the two that are important to note. While both are members of the cannabis species, they’re genetic makeups aren’t the same. Both strains are rich in different cannabinoids, chemical compounds that support different healthy functions within the human body. The marijuana plant is rich in THC but low in cannabidiol, or CBD. Hemp, on the other hand, is high in CBD but low in THC. These levels may not seem important, but when used medicinally, they provide very different results. The levels of THC in cannabis products also determines the legality in different states. While hemp derived CBD products containing less than .3% THC are legal in all 50 states, products derived from marijuana, or that contain more than .3%, are only legal in some areas.

The Endocannabinoid System

CBD is just one of 85 cannabinoids that can be found within the hemp and marijuana plants. Non-psychoactive, this compound mimics one already naturally created within the human body. CBD is just part of a larger system called the Endocannabinoid System. This system exists in all mammals. It’s made up of a series of receptors located throughout the body. These receptors are responsible for triggering reactions and processes that allow your body to remain balanced. Your body creates CBD to trigger those receptors as needed. By taking a cannabis product rich in CBD, you give your body a therapeutic amount of the compound. This allows it to trigger those receptors and the various systems needed to achieve balance.

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CBD and Psychosis

Excessive marijuana use has been linked to a problem known as Cannabis-Induced-Psychosis. This disorder occurs when too much THC is introduced into the body. While THC can be damaging to the brain, CBD can be healing. In 2017, a study conducted by King’s College London showed that treating psychotic episodes with CBD could prove beneficial. While the exact mechanism of the CBD’s healing properties in conjunction with mental illness is unknown, researchers hypothesize that the compound inhibits an enzyme that clears the natural antidepressants created by the body. In study groups, those given CBD as opposed to a placebo experienced less psychotic episodes. MRI scans also revealed that abnormal brain activity was far reduced in those that consumed CBD than in those who were given a placebo.

So, can cannabis reduce psychotic symptoms? It depends. While more research is needed, the results seem promising. If you’re interested in trying cannabis to treat mental health issues, it’s important to verify the contents of the product that you’re purchasing. A product rich in CBD but low in THC is preferable, especially when treating a mental health illness. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, consult with the experts at Elevele, a cannabis dispensary in Deerfield, IL. Visit our storefront or call us today!

Using Cannabis to Reduce Symptoms of Psychosis

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