Switching Dispensary


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It’s free & easy to switch dispensaries. With recent legislation passed, most people appear in our system almost immediately (give it at least 20 minutes, though). Before coming in, give us a call with your Patient ID number (QP.########) ready to confirm if the switch was successful.
Follow these steps below to switch dispensaries:

1. Go to medicalcannabispatients.illinois.gov and log-in.
*Forgot your log-in? Click “Forgot Password” or “Forgot User ID” to get it sent to your email.
*Don’t have an online log-in for some reason? Click “Register” to quickly set up your account.

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program - Register

2. This is the next page you should see. Now hover over “Online Services” in the top right.

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program - Online Services

3. When you hover over “Online Services”, click “Change Dispensary” from the drop-down menu.

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program - Change Dispensary

4. This is the next page you should see. Now click “Start” to begin the transfer process. After you’re finished, allow at least 20 minutes before you call the dispensary that you switched to with your Patient ID number (QP.########) ready for them to confirm that the switch was successful.

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program - Start

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