Medical Cannabis: Chicago Patients Find Relief

Candi Pettinger, 40, has never smoked even a cigarette. Now, she credits medical cannabis, which she uses on a regular basis, with saving her life.

Diagnosed in 2002 with rheumatoid arthritis and Sjorgren’s Syndrome, Pettinger’s life hit a downward spiral three years ago when an unrelated surgery exacerbated her symptoms. The extreme pain associated with the conditions, along with the side effects of the 13 traditional medications she was taking, put her into a depression. She gained 70 pounds, had to leave her job in her family’s construction business, and even told her husband that he’d be better off with someone else. Today, thanks to almost daily use of medical cannabis, Pettinger is employed, active and relatively pain free. Read more…

Medical Cannabis: Chicago Patients Find Relief

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