How to Use Cannabis to Stay Focused

Most people have felt the low-energy point of the day when focus crumbles, and it’s difficult to keep your eyes open. While many simply turn to the coffee pot for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, sometimes a jolt of caffeine just doesn’t do the trick in terms of restoring focus and propelling you to a productive remainder of the day. In those cases, cannabis can assist the focus-challenged, as products from a medical cannabis dispensary may provide you with what you need to re-center.

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While not every strain found at your favorite cannabis dispensary in Illinois will be well-suited to increase your focus and energy, there are some things you can do to find and use the right variety of cannabis to help you power through the day. Through both careful selections of cannabis strains and proper usage techniques that magnify their focus-inducing qualities, you can benefit from a powerful energizing tool. Keep reading to learn how you can use cannabis to stay focused and energized throughout the day.

Look for the Right Strain

While your cannabis medical dispensary may have a wide assortment of strains on offer, there are some specific traits to look for when seeking cannabis for focus improvement. Specifically, you should look for strains that have abundant amounts of two critical terpenes for focus. Those two terpenes are limonene and pinene. You may recognize the characteristics of these two substances, as pinene is responsible for the piney smell of some cannabis types, while limonene is responsible for citrus aromas that waft from some strains. Both compounds are powerful catalysts for focus and energy. Pinene promotes alertness and sharpened mental agility, while limonene can reduce stress levels, improve concentration, and help users tune out surrounding static. Look for cannabis strains that are high in pinene and limonene to harness their beneficial effects.

The Right Blend

Improved energy levels translate to focus better, and the cannabinoids CBD and THC reportedly both have an impact on energy levels. It’s important to find the right blend or ratio of the two substances, however. Many people who use cannabis for focus prefer a ratio of 2 parts THC to 1 part CBD, as such a blend provides the energy boost of THC and the tapering effect of CBD to keep it in check and prevent overstimulation.

Try Enhancers

Once you’ve found the right strain and settled on the perfect ratio, you can further magnify the focus-inducing aspects of cannabis by using substances that enhance their beneficial qualities. Essential oils provide a potent, effective way of augmenting the qualities of cannabis. Lime oil and lemongrass oil are commonly used along with cannabis to hone focus to laser-like precision. Lime oil contains the one-two punch of both pinene and limonene, making it the perfect complement to a well-selected cannabis strain. Likewise, lemongrass oil is n for its stress-relieving qualities and the ability to restore focus.

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Try Microdosing

Many people may be reluctant to try cannabis to increase focus and energy, as some find it counterintuitive to believe the traditional qualities of cannabis can provide such a result. However, harnessing the benefits of the substances found in cannabis can be a matter of proper dosage. Many people have reported positive results when microdosing with cannabis to improve focus. Microdosing is the practice of ingesting small amounts of a substance to get positive benefits while retaining mental clarity. Microdosing can minimize the euphoric feelings that go with ingesting some strains of cannabis and still allow the focus-related benefits of cannabis to be realized.

If you struggle with mental focus and energy levels throughout the day, consider cannabis to help restore your concentration and mental agility. Despite some misconceptions, cannabis can be a powerful aid in increasing energy levels and re-centering your focus. To learn more about using cannabis for improved focus, contact Elevele at (847) 780-3942.

How to Use Cannabis to Stay Focused

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