Does Medical Marijuana Help Back Pain?

Back pain can flare up in a person for any number of reasons – hard physical labor, advanced age, poor posture, pregnancy, a night of uncomfortable bed rest. Whatever the source, once the pain and discomfort starts, all you want is relief.

Back Pain

Everyone suffers from a bad back sooner or later. Eight out of every 10 people will have back problems at some point in their lives, as will a third of female adults. More than half of the people suffering from back pain will seek some form of relief from prescription medications or chiropractic treatment, while just under half turn to physical therapy.

There is a growing trend of sufferers of back pain using medical marijuana as an alternative to drug therapy. The use of cannabis is growing among people seeking pain relief without the pharmaceutical side effects like nausea, or the high costs of prescription drugs. If you are looking for a way to manage your back pain, you’ll want to look into acquiring medical marijuana in Highland Park, IL.

Why It Hurts

The symptoms of back pain can range from muscle spasms to spinal disc degeneration, depending upon the diagnosis. Without treatment, back pain sufferers can experience insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Acute or chronic back pain can seriously affect your quality of life and create a demand for medication to ease the discomfort.

Relief is often prescribed in the form of painkilling narcotics or opioid-based medications. Users typically experience some form of unpleasant physical side effects from these medications, and there is the potential that users may develop a dependency on or even an addiction to the medications.

Does Marijuana Really Help?

Research studies are validating the use of medical marijuana for pain management in adults. One 2017 study, for example, concludes that there is “substantial evidence” that cannabis or cannabinoids are effective for pain treatment. The effectiveness of medical cannabis on back pain depends on the strain of marijuana that you are contemplating using. Medical marijuana centers are knowledgeable about which strains work best for people struggling with back pain.

Both THC and CBD strains have analgesic qualities. THC is the main active ingredient in marijuana that gives you that “high,” and strains with heavy concentrations of THC work best at relieving pain. CBD strains produce no psychoactive effects, and these are typically distilled into extracts that patients take orally for a range of ailments. The strains with high CBD levels are best at targeting and reducing the inflammation that aggravates the back.


Is Medical Marijuana Right for You?

Medical marijuana can be very effective at relieving back pain, but you should be aware of potential side effects from ingesting or inhaling cannabis. Fatigue, heightened awareness, and short-term memory loss are some of the more common reactions to using medical marijuana. You may want to speak with your doctor as well as the dispensary about them.

There is also one thing to consider before you start seeking out the best medical marijuana in Highland Park. The Illinois Department of Public Health’s Medical Cannabis Patient Program recognizes over two dozen qualifying debilitating conditions in which diagnosed patients may register to obtain a registry card to get access to medical marijuana. Back pain is not one of those recognized debilitating conditions. However, Illinois has launched a pilot program that allows access to medical marijuana to people who have or could be prescribed opioids for pain management, including back pain.

This program is worth looking into if you are looking for an alternative to narcotics. For more information on medical marijuana in Highland Park, IL, contact Elevele at today.

Does Medical Marijuana Help Back Pain?

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