Decreasing Anxiety Medications with Medical Marijuana

In today’s modern world, it’s difficult to escape stress and anxiety. Millions of people all over the globe suffer from some form of anxiety or depression every day. For decades, the answer to combatting anxiety disorders has been prescription drugs. While these prescribed medications can offer relief in some cases, many patients are looking for more natural ways to reduce stress and fight off anxiety. That’s why medicinal marijuana near Lake Forest, IL, is rapidly becoming more and more popular.

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People are starting to understand that there are other options besides expensive prescription drugs with negative side effects. If you’ve been concerned about your prescription medication and you’re interested in learning more about how medicinal cannabis can help you, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using medicinal marijuana to fight off anxiety.

Fewer Side Effects

Patients who have switched to more natural approaches to relieving anxiety, such as medicinal cannabis, repeatedly state that the biggest advantage is fewer side effects. While some side effects are minor, other side effects can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. Some of these minor side effects of drugs that treat anxiety and depression include nausea, headaches, insomnia, or lack of appetite. Major side effects can include increased heart rate or even suicidal thoughts.

These dangerous side effects create a huge risk for patients that are already suffering. Medicinal marijuana offers relief with few side effects or none at all. Temporary drowsiness and dry eyes are often the only minor side effects reported by marijuana patients.

Research Shows a Decrease in Anxiety

A recent study conducted at Washington State University showed that patients using medicinal marijuana experienced a significant drop in anxiety and depression. While most other cannabis researched focused on the act of digesting cannabis capsules, this study mainly focused on the inhalation of marijuana in the comfort of the patients’ homes. The majority of participants reported lower levels of stress, anxiety, and even a decrease in depression.

It’s scientific research like this that shows us how important it is to explore other avenues to treating anxiety and depression. In addition, it also shines a light on how helpful cannabis can be for so many people suffering from mental health disorders. With fewer side effects and powerful results, medicinal marijuana could be the natural approach that most people are searching for.

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How to Switch to Medicinal Marijuana

If you’ve been wondering if it’s time to reduce your prescription anxiety drugs and switch to medicinal marijuana, it’s important to talk to your current doctor about making the change. Patients need to make sure that they’re making this transition from prescription drugs to cannabis in a safe and healthy way.

Once you’ve received the proper certification to purchase medicinal marijuana, you can talk to a representative at Elevele in Highland Park, a cannabis dispensary only five miles from Lake Forest, IL. Elevele only hires the best medicinal marijuana patient care experts! They can offer you all of the guidance you need to find the right dosage, strain, and formula to ease your anxiety. Remember, there’s a lot of different ways to use marijuana, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions about what form of cannabis will work best for you. Check out Elevele today and learn more about how medicinal marijuana can provide the relief you need!

Decreasing Anxiety Medications with Medical Marijuana

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