Debunking Common Myths about Medical Marijuana

For people who have long dealt with pain, inflammation, nausea, mental illness, or other medical conditions, exploring medical cannabis can be a beacon of hope. Read on to learn about medical marijuana, common myths about it, and the true facts about its use.

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Myth 1: Medical Marijuana Is Just an Excuse to Get High

Cannabis has many medicinal properties that make it ideal for treating pain, inflammation, and a whole host of other debilitating issues. For many people, it is the perfect alternative to taking multiple medications that are ineffective or have undesirable side effects, all while helping improve their quality of life and overall health. Many people have found that cannabis helps treat their nausea, seizures, mental health disorders, muscle control problems, appetite problems, inflammation, chronic pain, and many other medical conditions.

Myth 2: All Types of Cannabis Will Make You Feel Stoned

It is entirely possible to manufacture cannabis treatments (such as CBD or THCA) without the intoxicating or psychoactive effect that many people wish to avoid. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that produces the “high” or stoned effect, so you just need to work with your medical provider to find the strain that works for you.

Myth 3: Everyone Reacts the Same Way to Cannabis

Like all medications, foods, and just about anything you can ingest, everyone reacts differently to cannabis. Two people even using the same strain in the same form may have entirely different reactions. That’s why it is so important to start with small doses and level up when necessary. If you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, or other conditions you think may benefit from medical marijuana use, work with your healthcare provider and set up a consultation with a professional.

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Myth 4: Medical Cannabis Will Make You Feel Too Tired

Cannabis is not a single product. There are various strains that target certain things, and how you use them will also have an impact on their effects. If you find that a certain strain or product makes you feel too tired to function properly, work with your doctor to alter your dose, strain, or product.

Myth 5: Smoking Is Your Only Option

When people used to think of marijuana, they only thought of smoking it. Now, there are many other ways you can reap the benefits of cannabis. In addition to smoking the dried leaf form, you can choose from edibles in various delicious forms, tinctures or sprays, transdermal patches, suppositories, topicals, and even cannabis beverages. If you find that one product doesn’t do the job or gives you unwanted side effects, you can switch things up and find the perfect product that meets your individual needs.

Myth 6: Medical Marijuana Has Too Many Negative Consequences

With fears about future illicit drug use, increased crime, lung damage, or lack of medical research, there are many common misconceptions about the supposed negative consequences of cannabis use for medical purposes. Fortunately, these myths are easily debunked and your fears can be put to rest. Medical cannabis is considered safe, effective, unrelated to future drug use or crime, and extremely helpful for certain patients dealing with frustrating medical conditions.

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Debunking Common Myths about Medical Marijuana

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