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Finding the Right CBD Product for Your Arthritis Pain

Those who love CBD often tout its health benefits to anyone and everyone. But it’s more than just talk; cannabidiol can help to relieve anxiety, treat seizures, and even manage chronic pain. For those with arthritis, CBD can offer some much-needed relief from their pain. Research is still ongoing, but the current results (along with […]

A Guide to Using Cannabis for Chronic Illness

Marijuana has come a long way in the past few years. Nowadays, more than ever before, people are taking advantage of cannabis for its medicinal properties. It can be especially helpful for those who suffer from chronic illnesses and need relief from their pain. Whether you’re considering getting your medical marijuana card or you’re new […]

Role of Medical Marijuana in Treating Meniere’s Disease

Anyone who’s ever suffered from it knows how horrible Meniere’s disease can be. Named after the French physician (Prosper Meniere) who first described it in 1861, Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that results in varying degrees of vertigo and nausea, often leading to vomiting. The attack itself usually lasts for anywhere […]

Top Challenges and Considerations of Cannabis for Chronic Pain

After years of prohibition, cannabis is now becoming more accepted as a therapeutic tool used for treating a wide variety of conditions. With relaxed legal regulation in many jurisdictions, many pain patients who previously found little relief by conventional means have been able to treat their chronic pain with cannabis, whether they use CBD products […]

A Guide to Optimal CBD Dosing

The use of cannabis, or marijuana, is gradually becoming more widely accepted. Perceptions are becoming more favorable as research continues to demonstrate the physical and mental health benefits of this fascinating plant. Some people turn to this plant for medical or therapeutic treatment purposes, and others enjoy it recreationally. But many people don’t know that […]

Is it Possible to Treat Fibromyalgia with CBD

CBD is becoming more popular as a treatment for numerous medical conditions, especially those that cause chronic pain in patients. In addition to studies showing the effectiveness of using CBD for pain management in Deerfield, IL, there’s also no denying the many patients who have experienced substantial improvement in pain levels and in other fibromyalgia […]

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