A Guide to Optimal CBD Dosing

The use of cannabis, or marijuana, is gradually becoming more widely accepted. Perceptions are becoming more favorable as research continues to demonstrate the physical and mental health benefits of this fascinating plant. Some people turn to this plant for medical or therapeutic treatment purposes, and others enjoy it recreationally. But many people don’t know that you don’t need to get high (experience narcotic effects) at all to enjoy all the benefits that cannabis has to offer.

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Regardless of the role cannabis plays in your life, you have likely heard of, encountered, or used cannabidiol, or CBD. Read on to learn more about this nonnarcotic component of the cannabis plant and how to determine your optimal CBD dose.

What is CBD?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid, one of nearly 100 unique chemicals produced by the cannabis plant to which the human brain and body naturally respond. The most well-known cannabinoid is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is psychoactive. Though it has positive effects such as pain relief, relaxation and appetite stimulation, THC can cause an uncomfortable reaction in many people. CBD can help lessen the unpleasant side effects of THC, and research has shown that CBD can relieve pain and inflammation, alleviate anxiety, and treat nervous system conditions and seizure disorders. It is THC that produces the “high” for which cannabis is known. CBD doesn’t cause any psychoactive or intoxicating effects.

CBD Dosing

The right dose of CBD is different for everyone and every condition. It takes time to adjust to taking CBD and experience benefits. For issues such as anxiety, scientists say there’s a target dose that varies among individuals. Taking less or more of this dose may diminish efficiency. But for the treatment of epilepsy, for example, very high doses are used with no reduction in effectiveness. If you’re taking CBD for pain, working with a medical professional can help you find relief fast. While it might sound more complicated than taking a pill, CBD offers a gentle, natural solution that can be customized to suit every need.

Obtaining CBD

The best way to obtain CBD or any medicinal marijuana product is at an official facility called a dispensary. While you may have come across CBD products at pharmacies, in health food stores, or even gas stations, laws concerning their production may be unclear or unenforced. Unscrupulous companies don’t perform laboratory testing, and you may not be getting enough CBD or any CBD at all. Some of these products may even contain illegal THC and unknown substances.

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Dispensaries and You

A dispensary removes all these risks. If you live in Bannockburn, IL, “cannabis dispensary” might not yet be a part of your vocabulary. But the state of Illinois has legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and you can begin visiting dispensaries for yourself. Dispensary cannabis products are carefully regulated for quality, purity, safety, and efficacy. There’s no danger of receiving a substandard product made with fillers, and the staff are highly trained professionals. They’ll approach your treatment in an individualized fashion, answering your questions and helping you find the best solutions for you.

The Prairie State is fast becoming famous for a different kind of grass, and around Chicago, you can easily find the best cannabis dispensary for your needs by finding it online. Schedule a consultation with Elevele, a cannabis dispensary in Bannockburn, IL, staffed by welcoming medicinal cannabis experts waiting to help you start your healing journey.

A Guide to Optimal CBD Dosing

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